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    SNYDER GEOLOGIC has provided environmental consulting services to clients in both the public and private sectors. Representative projects have included: environmental due diligence; site investigations and characterization; storm water compliance support, monitoring, and reporting; remedial planning and implementation; construction-related environmental services; regulatory agency negotiation; and litigation support and expert witness.

Below is a list of areas of expertise and specific services that can be provided by SNYDER GEOLOGIC. Feel free to contact us with questions about any of the items listed below to see how we can help you bring your project to completion.

Agricultural sites
Basin analyses and hydrologic budgets (water availability studies)
Aquifer Tests
Chemical manufacturers
Construction SWPPPs and compliance with the California CGP
Contamination and Remediation
Corrective action
Dewatering planning and estimating
DTSC site closure process
Feasibility Studies
Geotechnical issues (in consultation with geotechnical experts)
Groundwater issues
Groundwater remediation design, zone of capture estimating
Industrial properties
Industrial SWPPPs and compliance with the California IGP
Inert soil reuse on and off site
Military installations
Monitored Natural Attenuation
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
On-site contaminated soil reuse
Operations and maintenance facilities
Permitting and Compliance
Petroleum distributors
Power plants
Regulatory liaison and negotiations
Remedial investigations
Risk assessments
Risk based assessments
Risk Management planning
Service stations
Site Closure reporting
Soil and groundwater management plans
Soil and groundwater remediationSoil disposal permitting
Soil management cost estimating
Storm Water
Underground storage tanks
Vapor intrusion
Waste disposal (source material, soil, groundwater)
Water supply well design and installation
Water Quality Technical Reports, EIR/EIS support
Work Plan Preparation

Aerial photography mapping
Aquifer testing for remedial design
Aquifer testing for water resources
Assistance with deposition preparation of opposing experts
Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Chemical fate and transport assessment
Cost estimating
Desktop resource review
Discovery strategy
Drilling and soil sampling
Evaluation of opposing expert testimony and reports
Expert deposition and trial testimony
Expert Witness reports
Exposure pathway assessments
Feasibility Studies
Field Investigations
Geologic and topographic map review
Groundwater Monitoring Plans and Reporting
Implementation of Low-Threat Closure Policy
Installation of monitoring and remediation wells
Natural attenuation monitoring
Negotiation and settlement strategy
NPDES permitting
Preparation of work plans
Project Management
Regulatory liaison and negotiation
RI/FS planning
Regulatory criteria screening
Remedial action plans
Remedial investigations
Report Writing
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
Sampling and analysis
Site Closure reporting
Site conceptual models
Soil gas sampling
Staff Mentoring
SWPPP Preparation (IGP and CGP)
Technical Reports for EIRs and EISs
Technical Review
Vapor intrusion modeling/Vapor risk assessments
Well and boring permitting
Water Quality Control Plans

Recent client list


Advanced Hybrid Renewable
Allied Industries
Backcountry Against the Dump
City of San Diego
E2 Environmental
Fisher and Krekorian
Gordon & Rees
HM Pitt Labs
Montoya Family
Moulton Niguel Water District
Mountain Health Community Services
Pepper Oil
Property Solutions
R.E. Staite Engineering
Reden and Reden
Sealaska Environmental Services
Southern California Truck Stop

      "In all cases, Mr. Snyder has been responsive and has completed the work on time and within budget. His work was of professional quality and performed satisfactorily, and we will continue to use him for these services for these reasons." - Dennis England, PE, E2 Environmental