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A Storm water permitting CASE STUDY
industrial storm water permitting


    Snyder Geologic is the storm water consultant for the Moulton Niguel Water District (MNWD) in Laguna Hills, California. MNWD retained Snyder Geologic to develop and implement a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) to bring the maintenance and operations facility for the district into compliance with the California Industrial General Permit (IGP), Discharges of Storm Water Associated with Industrial Activities Excluding Construction Activities.

The district operations facility performs some activities that fall into certain SIC codes that require coverage under the IGP. Snyder Geologic met with MNWD staff and reviewed the facility operations in order to develop the SWPPP and obtain coverage under the permit. During the development of the SWPPP, we realized that the site has two retention ponds on site that are plumbed to the sanitary sewer that the district owns and operates. MNWD has the ability to lower the ponds’ elevations by draining the ponds using standpipes below the water’s surface. Approximately half of the site drained into the ponds and the other half drained along the northern property boundary into the storm sewer. When the site was first permitted in 2011, the site was still required to collect samples from the one discharge location.

At the recommendation of Snyder Geologic, the MNWD installed a catch basin and diverter to collect the remaining site discharge that was flowing to the storm sewer during rain events and divert the water into one of the on-site ponds. In 2012, the catch basin was completed, thus diverting nearly all storm flow into the ponds resulting in no industrial areas of the site discharging to the storm sewer. A small area still discharges to the storm sewer, but it is an area where no industrial activity is occurring. The cost savings to the MNWD are several thousands of dollars annually, but also result in manpower savings since sample collection is no longer required.

Snyder Geologic is assisting the district in complying with the new IGP.