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teaming with SEalaska to serve the US navy


    When the US Department of the Navy required a Certified Hydrogeologist (CHG) to prepare two technical reports in support of a beneficial use de-designation request to the Regional Water Quality Control Board, Los Angeles Region, SES-TECH (a joint venture of Sealaska Environmental Services and Tetra Tech) contacted Snyder Geologic for support. The State of California has designated groundwaters of the state as having beneficial use as a drinking water supply unless certain stringent groundwater criteria are met and a request backed by a strong technical argument is made to the Regional Board. The Navy had two such unique circumstances to present to the Regional Board and needed the expertise of an experienced CHG to assist them in the request.

The two de-designation requests are being made for shallow groundwater aquifers in a coastal region that has been impacted by seawater intrusion and are unusable as a municipal supply. In the areas identified by de-designation, the military bases that overlie them are served by public water. In addition, the total dissolved solids concentrations are well over 3,000 mg/l (the primary MCL is 500 mg/l) and the aquifer is so shallow and thin that installation and operation of municipal wells are infeasible.

Snyder Geologic used data provided by SES-TECH and the Navy to construct defensible arguments in support of the de-designation requests that are being made to the Regional Board. The de-designations, if approved, would facilitate environmental clean up to less restrictive water quality objectives, those that are more consistent with the existing (non-potable) water quality, saving the Navy and taxpayers millions of dollars over the long term, while still protecting human health and the environment.